Saturday, December 29, 2007

cheap chinese restaurant?

There is this neighborhood restaurant down the street from our new place - Thurman Grill. The boy and I have been there once and the food was pretty good.

Well I was told this morning that they are closing their doors after new years. Rumor has it that the owner will still be running his catering operation at the current location, but they will no longer be open for restaurant business.

I wish I can open an "asian" restaurant in it's place. The location seemed pretty ideal (it's a corner lot) and who doesn't eat asian food? Especially if it's "cheap asian". I could have a menu of all the asian appetizers: spring rolls, egg rolls, pastries, dumplings, and fried Wontons.

But the big question remains: who's gonna be the cook? Certainly not I! Anybody interested? I'll supply the VC and you supply the food :)

Oh well just wishful thinking.

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