Sunday, January 27, 2008


After a week of procrastination, the boy and I finally finished assembling the dresser Saturday evening.

The room is finally coming together now, it went from a neon blue and green wall (it was a kid's room), to a nice calming muted wine color.

But by no means the room is completed, as we're still waiting for the second nightstand to be delivered as the first one was damaged in transit.

I've been looking online all evening for cool and interesting wall art. I think I want to try out Wall Decals. They are rather inexpensive compared to frame art, and it is definitely something different.

Here is how the room looks like currently, and I photoshopped one of the decal on the wall just as an example*:

Here are couple options I am looking at:
1. Vinyl Wall Art's Tree - this is the one I p-shopped above

2. Blik Surface Graphics - Anise by Ilan Dei

3. - Ellynelly's Panda

4. - Oneupdesign's Early Bird

I ma let the idea simmer for another day or two and see if I still like it. But for now, this is definitely a viable solution to the blank wall. Any frame art would likely be out of our price range for what we want to spend now.

* The collage idea came from


Rebecca said...

I like #3!

asoon said...

i pretty much ruled out #2. But haven't decide on which one yet.