Thursday, January 24, 2008


I think my blood pressure just shoot thru the roof.

I was checking the bank account and getting ready to pay it when I noticed that there is a charge from Directv for $413.01. What the f?

Everytime I call them... "Sorry mam the system is down we can't look up your account." I ma keep calling them until I get an answer.

Anybody know if I can file a complaint with BBB or consumer reports or anything like that? Not that I would get my money back, but I would like to get my story heard... however small it is.

update 10.08pm: I've called them twice after dinner. "System is still down". Wow. I wish they just DIAF. Ah yes, very mature of me to say that. BLARGH.


playswithyarn said...

call your bank/credit card company and dispute the charge. most of the time, they'll hold the funds until it's resolved.

Don said...

I sure hope I didn't make a bad choice. What's the deal with this assholes?

asoon said...

Kat, good idea I will call them first thing in the morning.

Don, if you're a new customer they are super nice to you. I had no problem with their C.S. till I cancelled the account. So I don't think you have anything to worry about.