Thursday, January 3, 2008


Yesterday I twittered about the car and how weird it felt when I first started it up and drove it in single digit weather.

Other than the clutch being all gooey, it felt like the e-brake wasn't releasing (Yes, call me anal retentive, but I always park in 1st gear w/ e-brake engaged). At that point I wasn't sure if that is possible - that is - if the e-brake is mechanical or electrical.

So I stopped twice before getting on WB I-44, first time next block down, and second time at World's Fair donut place, to make sure that my brakes wasn't burning red and to make sure I don't smell burning brakes. And also to get my favorite apple fritters.

Was posting on another topic when I saw this post on Audizine this morning:
"Get a two foot long piece of 3/4" dowel rod and keep it in the car. When the E-brake sticks look through the spokes of the wheel and you will see the E-brake arm. Use the dowel rod to push it back and the brake will release."

Well good to know. Apparently it is quite common when it gets real cold. DON ya hear that?!

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