Tuesday, January 29, 2008

personality quiz

Tomorrow morning I have to get to work bright and early because the entire team is going to be put through a DISC Assessment.

I can hear the boy say, "WHA?"

Well folks, DISC stands for:
Dominance - relating to control, power and assertiveness
Influence - relating to social situations and communication
Steadiness - relating to patience, persistence, and thoughtfulness
Conscientiousness - relating to structure and organization
(according to wikipedia)

From what I understand, DISC is similar to Myer-Briggs type indicator, except it is situational base. I could have a completely different DISC profile at work then when I am at home. Meaning, I could be a totally submissive servant at work, and a boss lady bitch at home. Just saying.

So last week, in preparation for this assessment/training, we all took an online assessment quiz. I'm betting—based on how I answer the quiz—that I am very likely a C and High S.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, to learn what type of work personality my team mate has, and how we can work better together (yeah I chuckled at this).

But the most important thing of all... what should I wear so that I won't be late? (It takes me forever and a day to get ready in the morning)


Angela said...

I went through a DISC assessment nearly ten years ago. I can't remember what my categorization was (IS, perhaps?), but I DO remember that it was one of the longest days of my life. Even the free doughnuts didn't help. Good luck.

SusanIsk said...

We did an online DISC assessment at work this summer and then had a meeting to figure out how are personalities best work together. While there's some truth in the test, remember that it's just one test.