Monday, January 21, 2008

a true test to our marriage

The bedroom furniture we ordered from was delivered Saturday morning. In hindsight, it was easy to see how the nightmare begin.

First mistake: Assembly required. Not such a big deal usually, but we're talking about a king size bed here.

Second mistake: Told the delivery guy to put the box downstairs in the dining room. Again, not a big deal usually, but this bed is big and thus HEAVY. However, had I told him to put the box upstairs, I'll be bitchin' about the dirty carpet. This is a no-win situation.

Here is the headboard in its box. We decided to take it out of the box for easy transportation. Already there are some disagreement on how to haul it up the stairs. After some grunts and sweat from the boy (and me being absolutely no help), we got the headboard to the second floor.

Once we got all the pieces upstairs, the bed frame came together nicely. However, that joy was short lived, what killed us was screwing on the legs.

The instruction booklet calls for the bed side ways, as seen in the photo on the left. After some good old temper tantrums and blood boiling by the both of us we decided to flip it over - supported by a foot stool and baby gate (don't get any ideas, it was leftover from the seller). Thank goodness this trick worked.
About 3 hours after we started, our new king size bed assembly = mission accomplished. Knowing that we managed put together this big-ass bed, we proceeded to finish up one of the night stand as well.

The end result is very satisfying. However, if we were a new couple, there is no way in hell the relationship would survive putting together a bed. Heck, the boy's deployment was easier to deal with than this.

Thanks goodness, we survived :)


Rebecca said...

Ha! Jeff and I don't do major projects together. I can do projects successfully enough with my mom; and he can do things well enough with his sister. . . but he and I fixing things/putting things together does. not. work. same with moving: he and I have moved four times in our relationship and I swear to God we are staying right here until we can afford to pay people to move our shit next time.

That said, congrats on the bedroom furniture! I've been waiting on getting a cream leather headboard from pier 1. . . ahhh. . . someday. . .

asoon said...

LOL! Glad I am not the only one with this "relationship challenge". We just moved 1.5 months ago and hired movers. The boy said "it is cheaper than divorce". Agreed. :)