Tuesday, January 15, 2008

who's going to replace Isaac?

A fashion press release today announced that Isaac Mizrahi has been hired by Liz Claiborne Inc to serve as their creative director. Unfortunately, this also means that the Mizrahi-Target era will be over and the end of 2008.

I love love love the current Target stores and their designer's special, and all the cute IM purses etc. I'm not industry expert, but I do wonder who Target is going to replace the colorful, flamboyant Isaac Mizrahi with.

Marc Jacobs - his mainline is really classic which I love, and his Marc by MJ line is quirky and could very well be toned down a tad and reproduce for mass market.
Donna Karen - maybe...
Michael Kors - since he is getting more well known now due to Project Runway?

Or maybe it's the relatively newer newcomers, that could very well fill the shoes of IM at Target collection, like Zac Posen or Tory Burch.

Boy I would love to know which designer is going to be the next household name. Your guesses?


Rebecca said...

i'm most excited about vera wang being at kohl's; i have some ballet flats that are just my favorites.

angeline said...

I still have yet to check that out. There is no Kohls in the city ;)