Wednesday, March 5, 2008

fish salad, yuck.

Couple of co-workers and I ordered Quizno's delivery. I think the delivery service is new because they did not do a good job at taking orders.

I called them at 11a.m.
Ordered two chicken caeser salad and a mesquite chicken reg.
I was told it will be delivered between noon - 12.15pm.
At 12.35pm I called and asked them where my food is.
At 12.45pm the food was delivered.
Lisa and I looked at our "chicken" salad, and it looked nothing like "chicken".
We looked at the piece paper with the handwritten orders: 2 Tuna Salad.
So we ate Tuna Salad Caesar Salad.


The flat bread was the only thing that saved the salad. Without it I wouldn't have touch my lunch.

*reach for my thin mint Girl Scout cookies*


Fashion Kitteh said...

Sorry about your yucky lunch. That sounds pretty nasty lol *barf*

Want some dark choc edamame? ;)

asoon said...

YES YES! in fact I am going to TJ this weekend to look for those.