Monday, April 7, 2008

the drive

Yesterday I got up early and joined the local watercooled Volkswagen club for a drive out in the boonies.

In my previous life, I've done the mountain curvy roads Spring Drive with the club in my 1.8T Jetta. Four words: Sweaty palms, white knuckles. The Jetta was a lease and completely unmodded performance wise, and was easy to push it out of control (fun to most, but not a good thing to me), but regardless, I had tons of fun in all the previous Spring Drives.

With my current car, I've upgraded the OEM suspension parts with some H&R sports spring and Bilstein shocks, while aesthetically it lowers the car by about 1.75", it made the car helluva fun in the twisties. Lots and lots of fun. Knowing that I'll never be able to outrun the R32 flying past 8 other cars and mine in the next lane, I learn to love turns more and more.

Maybe I'm getting better at driving, or maybe it's because the rear tires of my current car will never spin out of control on dry road, but the Sunday drive I was actually quite relaxed and thoroughly enjoying myself, windows down, trance music blasting and just following a snake of VW in front of me.

Here we are at Fort Kaskaskia over in IL. Looking forward for the Fall Drive in 6 months time.

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