Sunday, May 25, 2008

Playtime with your scarf

Let's talk about scarves, one of the more underrated and neglected fashion accessory. A well placed scarf can liven up a simple outfit. Target has tons of cute scarves and so does H&M, and with those prices they won't break your bank.

I really got into scarves a few years back when I stumbled across the "Playtime with your scarf" PDFs from The digital booklet shows many many ways a scarf can be worn, and those are accompanied with illustrated steps. Here are screen grabs of the pdf thumbnails, with the pdf you can easily enlarge the pages and see the details... e.g. the knots.

Download Playtime with your scarf

Try tying one around the neck with a solid color short sleeve crew neck T for the summer.

Here is an even easier way to get started, do as my BFF does here with her green/grey purse, or like the Coach Madeline as seen on Coach's website.

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