Monday, June 9, 2008

bad luck

Last night as I ran into the room with my laundry basket, I hit the mirror that was leaning against the wall. Time was in slow-motion for about 2 seconds... the mirror leaned slightly forward, and then fell full gravity speed, hitting the floor and shattered into pieces.

For a brief 5 sec, I wonder if I will be struck by 7 years of bad luck.

And it is all coming true like a nightmare.

This morning, I volunteered to make dinner for tonight, as the boy is on 12-hour duty at the base. So I was checking to see what kind of pasta we have in the pantry. As I reached up to grab the pasta, the flap of one of the boxes flipped open and the spaghetti flew out and landed all over the counter and the floor. Sigh.

So I cleaned up, crossing my fingers that this is the only "accident" of the day.

Fast forward 1 hour later, sitting at my desk at work, I reached out to grab my ipod. I guess the headphones were stuck under a heavy object, because as they came flying at me as it got unstuck, and hit my right eye.

*blink right eye, blink left eye*

*one eye blur, one eye clear*

Crap where is my contact lens? I shut my cube door and hovered my face on the ground, squinting with my one good eye, trying to catch a glimpse of the tiny piece of glass on the floor, while trying not to move in case I step on it. I finally enlist the help of my co-worker, and luckily he found the contact lens, laying on the ground in a place that I wouldn't have look.

I really hope the string of unlucky events has NOTHING to do with the broken mirror yesterday. 7 years is a loooong time to be unlucky.


Kathy G said...

Wow! Certainly a bad start to the day.

Hope it gets better

asoon said...

kathy: thank you for the well wishes. i am glad to report that the rest of my day flew by uneventfully.