Sunday, July 20, 2008

holy wedges

Is it wrong that I love these?

Guess who made them?

Then, click here and here to find out.


Jeannette E. Spaghetti said...

These shoes are affordable, so it's perfectly acceptable to love them.

asoon said...

haha you are an "enabler", the shoes are def. affordable.

franki durbin said...

Wow. Tar-jay? They just don't stop, do they?

Rebecca said...

"an enabler" HA!

and those are some sassy shoes; go get yourself some.

asoon said...

rebecca: yep you are an enabler too!

franki: i love your avatar! that is so you.

I haven't bought the shoes yet... they don't carry it in store and I want to try them out first for comfort. The Loeffler Randall for target flats were so uncomfortable it is unwearable.

though recently, i just bought a pair of tarjay miu miu k/o, they are surprisingly comfy. however, i am returning it as the shape of the toe is off, and the heels are not high enough.