Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Phenomenal NYC trip

And I take it with me when I leave
The crowded skyline, the energy
The sleepless city always leaves its mark
Just close my eyes and I'm back again

New York City - Paul van Dyk (Feat. Ashley Tomberlin)

Back from my whirlwind New York City trip, feeling so energized and refreshed. I don't know what is so magical about the city, is it the well-dressed and yet so individualistic people, is it the commotion, the lights, skyscraper? Is it because my BFF is there? Or the fact that I'm only there once a year?

Maybe it's the Pinkberry:

Or this drool-worthy S8 I saw on 58th

I don't know but I absolutely love it.

We shopped everywhere, from the Flagship H&M to Jcrew, Anthropologie, Banana Republic, to stores that I always wanted to visit like Zara, Club Monaco, MANGO, MadeWell, Muji, CB2, Davidz, Steve Madden, Steven, and Uniqlo.

I did not go crazy though, since I did 5 major J.Crew final sale hauls right before I left. Uniqlo is probably one of my favorite store of them all, it carries basics in EVERY COLOR imaginable. So it was with much constraint that I walked away with only a pair of solid black skinny jeans, that they hemmed for free. (All denim comes with free alterations).

Oh, that and I bought my first Oliver Peoples sunnies! *Fans self*.

I am on an epic-shopping-ban for the next 6 months until I plan my next trip. NYC again? Dallas possibly...


Jeannette E. Spaghetti said...

I'm dying to visit NYC.

Rebecca said...

ahhh... my favorite city...

so glad you had a blast!