Tuesday, April 7, 2009

seeking: new "hobby"

Well, the news came down - paycut in effect.
The silver lining is - at least I still have a job.
I know - I am tired of saying that.
But really - I can't complain.

So even though I am in lust - with several Marc by Marc Jacobs purses and watches,
I am placing myself on a ban - a ban light to be specific.

Now I need a hobby - something to distract me from shopping esp when I am stressed or bored.
I want something cheap and good, educational and relaxing...

It is time to re-invest effort back into the things I love.


Rebecca said...

Have you figured any out? I can't say I really have hobbies besides reading and watching hockey games. Hmmm. . . maybe I need a hobby too?

So sorry about the paycut. :(

asoon said...

Hey reading is a really inexpensive hobby unless you're like me... I have late fees on almost every library book that I ever checked out. But that is a good idea.