Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Snap shots from Japanese fashion mag

While in Seattle couple weeks back I got a chance to stop at Kinokuniya (Japanese Bookstore). I remember back in my high school years I would go to Kinokuniya in Kuala Lumpur after school and pick up the latest copies of Non No.

Well years and decades had since passed and I have completely out grown Non no, but I did pick up another Japanese fashion mag Classy and am now savoring the pages.

Couple of things that caught my eye:

1. This breezy outfit, perfect for summer. It looks so effortless and the fringe clutch made the whole outfit so much better.

2. Three ways to style a white bermuda shorts. I love how the shorts are paired with heels and wedges and yet it does not look trashy. The safari top, wide white belt, and nude peep toes outfit is definitely my favorite. I also love the versatility of cuffing the shorts for a different look.

There is something about Japanese style that I absolutely love but can't quite describe it with adjectives. I actually tore out my Lucky Mag stickers and started tagging pages after pages of the Classy magazine.

There is a spread on a variety of white shirts which I will scan in a day or two.

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Manuela N. Harper said...

It is very good to add new fashion style in your blog. Be continue please.