Sunday, January 13, 2008

light bulbs

Early this morning, when I went to turn off the porch light I noticed the light bulb was out. So I opened a new pack of the environmental friendly fluorescent light bulb, dragged the tall kitchen tool to front door, and replaced the burnt out incandescent bulb.

I turned the light back on and the light switch was buzzzzzzzzing and the new bulb was flickering like fireflies. I had no clue what was going so I ran downstairs to the computer, and viola the answer was found on

Apparently, the switch on the wall is a dimmer, I HAD no idea. How was I suppose to know? And I can't use fluorescent bulb with a dimmer switch. ALSO, I'm not suppose to use fluorescent bulbs outdoors.

So another 15 minutes later, I found a regular round bulb, stood on the kitchen stool, and fixed the issue.

And that, were the 2 lessons that this new home owner learnt today. I'm sure there are plenty more to come.

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Rebecca said...

no good deed. . .

ok, so that phrase doesn't exactly apply. but still, you try to do something good and it turns into a big project. so annoying.