Friday, January 11, 2008

almost over

I wanted to post about mascara but this takes precedent.

After 4+ years with Directv I finally cancel their service. Their installation process and the communication between the Directv, schedulers and the installation techs was just not there. I posted about the whole headache a while back.

So the boy and I thought we'll try something new, and signed up with Dish Network. The programming we got is roughly the same between the old service and the new - America's Top 200 - and the monthly charges are only couple dollars different, so it boils down to installation and customer service.

Installation is in 2 weeks. We shall see. It is an 18 month contract. Who knows, maybe after that we'll give AT&T U-verse a try.

I do wonder, if Charter Cable has the largest market share in St. Louis.


Rebecca said...

We have Charter, and boy have we had problems. Their (lack of) customer service is legendary. That said, Charters On Demand service makes it all worth it.

angeline said...

I've heard good things about Charter's OnDemand. Unfortunately that wasn't enough for us to switch both TV and Internet services over - too many horror stories.