Saturday, January 5, 2008

satellite TV

I used to love Directv. USED to. But not anymore, this fiasco has been going on for a month now.

When we moved to our new old house at the beginning of Dec, I called and scheduled for Directv techs to come move the dish. The tech didn't show up and did not call to notify me. Okay fine, I figured it was cold and rainy that day, I'll cut the tech some slack.

Called and rescheduled for the second time. This time the tech was nice and courteous, however, he said he couldn't put the dish up coz he needs a 40ft ladder and a non-penetrating roof mount because we have a flat roof. Okay fine.

Called and reschedule again, the sheduler told me she didn't have my info - order was cancelled and reason given: Buyers Remorse. Bull crap. After much hollering she scheduled a tech to come out that Saturday. Tech came, was polite and nice enough. But he said "I need a 40ft ladder and a non-pen roof mount." I had to do some yoga breathing for fear of flying into a rage and strangling that poor tech.

Rescheduling for the 4th time, this time I called the installer directly to make sure I get that tech that specializes in the 40ft ladder and non-pen roof mount. I threatened to cancel - not as a tactic, but I am really || (this close) to switching over to Dish Network.

So where am I now? Sitting at home, waiting for the 40ft ladder specialist to come install my dish. The window is 12-5pm today (Saturday), and it is 4.35pm now. The tech has 25 minutes to show up at my door step. After which, bye bye Directv. I gave you enough chances to redeem yourself.

Grr... off to check out Dish Network's line up.


Mutha Mae said...

Helloooooo! I found you via a link from my stats. So glad to hear you are doing ok! I am going to add you to Google Reader and keep up to date. And add you to my Twitter, if you don't mind.

angeline said...

Hey Mae! I added you to my twitter as well, good to see ya! And a belated grats on a housefull of kids!