Saturday, January 5, 2008


I was moping the floor earlier tonight at 9.30pm. Saturday night. I know what my best friend would say: "Angeline?! House work?! No way!"

But yeah, that was exactly what I was doing, squirting the liquid cleaner on the floor, pushing the O-mop up and down the hard wood floor. Why? Because my tummy is so darn full I can't hardly sit down, I had to stand and move around.

I really can't complain though, had dinner earlier with Don and Colleen at Fitz. I never had fried pickle, really interesting appetizer, no weirder than fried twinkie honestly. After stuffing down the whole burger + cheese + mushroom, root bear, I managed to coax the boy into getting Bubble Tea couple shops down. So needless to say, after all that, I could hardly walk back to the car. *BURB*

Darn. One of my 07 mid year resolution is "portion-control". I was doing pretty good until Thanksgiving and Christmas came around. Oh well, at least the floors are clean now.


Mutha Mae said...

I once heard the theory that women live longer than men because women typically get up and clear the table and clean the kitchen after dinner while men sit in front of the TV or computer. I also cannot sit still when I'm that full!

angeline said...

i concur, and would add that: the boy gains weight faster than I do, definitely :)