Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!

Today is Chinese New Year. If I were still in M'sia, I would be:

  • Eating pineapple tart that my auntie made (photo)
  • Receiving red packets (ang pow) from elders
  • Wearing red
  • Watching CNY Gala on TV
  • Covering my ears to block out the loud popping noise from firecracker
But sadly, I am at work, reading friends' blog back home and living vicariously through them.


playswithyarn said...

but you get to have dim sum this weekend!!!!

I can't wait!

asoon said...

I can't wait too! I promise promise promise not to order outrageous stuff.

Did we manage to convince Mae?

Mutha Mae said...

I am always up for dim sum, so let's make a date for after CNY. Unfortunately, I work all day Saturday. I was given a project to voice for a video presentation and I am still working on the one that is paying for my Lasik. All in all, we're talking almost 200 pages to read, which will take me two days, no kidding. It's all due Monday, and I've been sick with a cold, so I have to hustle this weekend to make up for lost time.

The Wei Hong we go to is just down the street from Lulus. We also like Wonton King. Those two are more Southern China in the cuisine and that's what we tend to favor. I like the flavors at both of those in comparison to Lulus. I like the space and atmosphere of Wei Hong best of all. And the servers are from Guangzhou, so it's fun to talk with them about the places we traveled.

I say we have a Wei Hong party in a few weekends. Maybe we can give enough advanced notice to get more people? How about a Saturday around 11am? Then we can convoy to the market to get Pocky for Boo. And of course the bakery for a cream cake. Mmm.

Happy New Year! Today I am teaching the kids at Boo's school about New Year and we will eat oranges and make kites. Tonight the kids get their red envelopes. I am so happy this is now our family's tradition.

Mutha Mae said...

Oh and order outrageous stuff! I will eat chicken feet with you.

playswithyarn said...

you can order what ever you want. . . i just won't eat it.

asoon said...

Mae, no worries, dimsum will always be here.

I like your idea. Lets set something up for early March? I'm game for dimsum anytime.

I love that you're incorporating some chinese tradition! That is so great.

Hope to see you in a couple of weeks. Let's touch base later and set something up.


Mutha Mae said...

Oh yes, it's important Juna grows up with an understanding of her heritage. And yes to March. Sounds like a plan. Hopefully things will calmer, work wise, by then!

Rebecca said...

Happy New Year! Forgive my ignorance, what year is it?

asoon said...

Thanks Rebecca, this year is year of the rat.

cybr said...

Kung Hei Fat Choi!
from cybrpunk in Hong Kong. I've got today and yesterday off for the New Year.

asoon said...

Vince, dude I saw you're going to KL. Please blog and post photos when you get back!