Tuesday, February 26, 2008

social media world map

Came across this link from jowyang's twitter.

Social networks: different audiences according to continents'

Click on the map above to see it in full size.

Some translation via babelfish to help decipher the map:

  • Par pays: By country
  • Etats-unis: United States
  • CorĂ©e du Sud: South Korea
  • un quart des inscrits dans le monde: a quarter of the registered voters in the world
  • un tiers des inscrits dans le monde: a third of the registered voters in the world
Some "hmm, wow" moments for me:
  • Despite its popularity in the U.S., Facebook was not listed in the Top 5 in Asia.
  • Orkut's popularity
  • Cyworld and where it ranked in S. Korea AND in Asia
  • How unpopular myspace is in Asia.
Personally, I have accounts in facebook, myspace, orkut, multiply, and Friendster. Friendster is probably the only one that I keep up-to-date and is linked to my friends.

What accounts do you have? Do you use them regularly?

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Ryan said...

proof positive of the cliche: "birds of a feather, flock together"?