Sunday, February 24, 2008

what color walls?

The house has a itty bitty room, roughly 9ft x 7 ft. The previous owners use it has a nursery for their baby. But this is going to all change as I am going to use this as my (to me) gigantic walk in closet.

First I'll need to paint it. It is a currently a very saturated deep blue. Because the room is fairly small, I want to open up the room with a lighter/different color.

Currently, there are colors on almost ALL the walls, with the exception of the 2nd half bath. I plan on repainting the main bath eventually. I'm undecided as to what color I should pick. I personally love green tend to gravitate towards that. But will green be a good color for a closet/room? Should I stick with the traditional off-white? I've more or less narrowed down my selection to light colors with lots of greys in it.

What do you think? Help me pick one by selecting your choice from the poll on the right. Or leave a comment.


SusanIsk said...

Um, I think the size of your "closet" is the size of my bedroom. I like sand white, the moonlight color is too blue for me.

asoon said...


the nursery/closet is actually pretty small, it wouldn't fit even a twin bed. Thanks for picking a color!

Fashion Kitteh said...

i freaking love that blue color. But if i have to choose, my pick would be Hujan Cina.

Jeannette E. Spaghetti said...

I tend to gravitate towards green, too, so I like China Rain. Whatever you choose, don't go with white or off white. Too boring.