Friday, March 21, 2008

Lumière Place

A bunch of us are going to the no-longer-newly-opened Lumière Place tomorrow for dinner. According to the website there are couple of restaurant to choose from:

  • SLeeK
  • Burger Bar
  • The Kitchen Buffet and Bistro
  • Asia
  • Peet's Coffee and Tea
  • House of Savoy
Have you:
1. Been to Lumière and what is the dress code?
2. Been to any of the restaurant above?
2. If yes, what do you think of the food? price?


yawetag said...

1. There is no posted dress code, but I would suggest a business casual, depending on the restaurant you want to go to.

2. I have only eaten from the The Kitchen, the Bistro, and Peet's, but I have heard nothing really bad about any of the other options.

3. Prices are a little high, but most are worth the price. I'll try to run down the average plate cost per person:

SLeeK: $50 (high-end steakhouse; I've heard the portions aren't what you would expect for the price, but the atmosphere is great.

Burger Bar: $20 (well-made hamburgers with different topping choices)

Buffet: $20-25 (nice selection of food)

Bistro: $15-20 (not completely sure on the price, but am estimating. When I went, it was for free, but I received a four-course meal.

Asia: $15-20 (high-priced asian food)

Peet's Coffee and Tea: unsure, but I'd guess around $10. They mostly serve sandwiches.

House of Savoy: No idea. They just opened, and I haven't seen a menu from the restaurant.

Hope it helps! Let us know how you enjoyed your visit.

asoon said...

thank you for the info, that came in real handy.

we had a good time there, i'll will post about that later today.