Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh! Chair at Container Store

I'm in lust with these Karim Rashid Oh! Chair. I saw them at the Brentwood Container Store yesterday afternoon. They are pretty comfy and are stackable, which is a huge plus.

We currently have an Ikea dining table in the dining room but have no chairs around it, maybe the black version of the Oh! chair would work well with it.


Rebecca said...


playswithyarn said...

I have an orange one that i use as a desk chair. (i got it 3 years ago) I love it. it's also very comfortable-- even when working for hours... however, heavier people have complained to me that they don't find them overly comfortable.

also remember, that they sell them at other locations, in MANY different colors (not just the 4 CS has to offer), and some places will ship for free if you order 2 or more.

asoon said...

hey kat thanks for the tip. glad to hear you love your chair... it felt comfortable when i tried it on at the CS. I didn't know they came in that many different color..

Oh chair where have you been all my life?