Monday, March 31, 2008

my best friend's wedding

One of my childhood best friend got married earlier this month. Fashionkitteh forwarded to me the link to their wedding album earlier and while I was pouring thru the wedding photos, within all the lovely pics, lies a pic of the groom Jeet, and two of my really good friends Keen Soon (on left of groom) and Adrian (on the right).

We all went to the same primary school (equivalent of grade school here) and high school, and have been good friends for what seems like eternity. As fashionkitteh said, we went from seeing each other in school uniform, trying to catch the bus to school, hanging out together after school... we see them through falling in love and getting their hearts broken. And finally, my dear friend Jeet got married. Time flies and all is so surreal.

It makes me home sick.


Fashion Kitteh said...

Gosh i miss them greatly *sniff* That's a perfect picture of the gang.

Dina said...

So, Im glad you stumbled upon my blog. Yep, I am from Malaysia..:)