Sunday, March 30, 2008

perfect sunday

Da boy and I had dimsum at Wei Hung this morning with Matt and Mae plus all three of their princesses... they are so fun! After brunch we headed to the bakery store couple blocks down and I stocked up on my BBQ pork, coconut, pineapple and curry beef baked goods. Yummy.

Got home and chilled out on the couch where I proceeded to polish off the bag of Flat Earth chips in Wild Berry Patch flavor.

Later in the afternoon, I baked up 6 jumbo muffins and a loaf of bread using the Amish friendship bread batter, but I substituted vanilla and cinnamon for good old chocolate flavor. Also dumped in two cups of Ghirardelli 60% cacao bittersweet chocolate chips to the mix. I love bitter chocolate.

After pulling the stuff out of the oven, da boy and I went for a walk in Tower Grove park. Even though we've been living in the Shaw neighborhood for 3+ months now, this is the first time we ever took a walk to the park.

This is absolutely my kind of weekend, eat eat eat and chill out.

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Fashion Kitteh said...

What a perfect weekend! i think i kinda stopped at the part where you baked jumbo muffins and had to re-read it like 10 times. Muahahaha.