Friday, May 9, 2008

Food journal - May 9th, 2008

I'm off work today, using up my very last day of the 2007 vacation.

Believe it or not, I actually did NOT eat any cereal this morning.

  1. Two slices of banana bread
  2. My daily coffee
I went to Wei Hong bakery on South Grand, I'm hardly ever at home for lunch so today is a perfect excuse to get some good ole Asian food that I soooo crave for.
  1. Fat noodle stirfry with beef - super greasy so I only ate half of it.
  2. I added a large spicy chunk of asian chili—sambal belacan—to go with the noodles. BFF fashionkitteh will be so proud of me :)

While at the bakery, I also bought two of my favorite snacks: Sesame ball with red bean paste. I downed both of them after lunch. Yummy.

Dinner at Everest Cafe and Bar:
We ventured out to the Mangrove (Manchester/Tower Grove) area for dinner last night.
Everest Cafe and Bar's menu is very unique and the food was excellent. I smell a return visit sometime soon. Da boy and I ordered:
  1. Appertizer:
    Steamed Meat Mo-Mo - Tibetan style dumplings stuffed with fresh ground pork and mixed vegetables with cumin, garlic, ginger and spices served with homemade achar.

  2. My dinner:
    Lamb Tarkari With Mixed Vegetables - Boneless tender pieces of lamb cooked in authentic Nepali sauce with fresh mixed vegetables.

  3. Da boy's dinner:
    Mixgrill Sekuwa (Chicken, Lamb & Shrimp) - Chicken, Lamb, and Shrimp marinated in famous Nepali sauce baked in clay oven.

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