Sunday, August 17, 2008


Two weeks ago, I decided to make a change to my workout routine.

I was taking the Y-lift classes at my local Y. I enjoyed the class, but find that it is too short (40 mins) and with the start time of 6pm, it's definitely hard for me to make it when I have a busy day at work.

I have always wanted to run. My dad was a huge runner before his knees gave out. I have been running on and off for many years, but have never built up the stamina to run more than 3k or so.

A girl friend recommended I try C25k, and I have never heard of the program until now. I found two C25K podcasts that play the genre of music I like:
1. Robert Ullrey's C25K podcast
2. Podrunner Intervals: First Day to 5K

I listened to both podcasts briefly at work and picked Podrunner Intervals to run with. Did I mention that both podcasts are free? :)

The C25k program is 9 weeks long with 3 runs per week and a resting day (or two) in between.

First week:

  • The very first run I did a combo of speedwalking and jogging with the intervals.
  • The 2nd and 3rd run got progressively easier. Instead of walking, I am now able to jog and run.
Second week:
  • The first day of the second week was quite brutal. I really had to exert myself to finish the run. I did 2 miles in 30 minutes.
  • With the 2nd and 3rd run I saw some improvement. I am now able to run 2 miles in 27 minutes. 3 minutes is a huge difference in my book. I had to haul ass, but it was totally manageable.
  • The 2nd week's podcast opens with Peter Presta - Rock the Funky Beats, which is my favorite song so far. It really gets me going. I'll probably end up buying this track.
I am looking forward to week three, which I planned on running Monday, Wednesday and Saturday of next week. I seriously hope I have the willpower to finish up all 9 weeks or however long it takes.


KBO said...

That's so awesome! I used to be a serious runner, but I hated it. Now I'm trying to get back into working out with a combination of yoga and bike riding. But every now and again I might run just to get a runner's high

Rebecca said...

i've always admired runners. but my theory is, you either got it or you don't. . . and i just don't.

asoon said...

kbo: at least yoga and bike riding are much easier on the knees. some day i wonder if i'm too old to start running...

Melissa said...

Most people start out this way (jog/run), but don't actually realize there is an actual program with a name... Best of luck to you! Also, I highly recommend the Runners World forums. I'm really awesome at lurking there. You should finish the program in time to be able to do a Turkey Trot, too--bonus.

Hope you and Ryan are swell!