Thursday, August 14, 2008


I love how Old Navy styled the cardigan here - leaving it unbutton, and crossover it with a decorative brooch (Click to see slightly bigger pic).

Cardigans are always in for fall, but does this also means that brooch is back too? I still have plenty "leftover" from 3-4 years ago. Sounds like they are ready to make a re-appearance.


Rebecca said...

anthony bourdain's who i turn to for food porn; you're who i go to for fashion porn. you and project runway are the lone sources of fashion in my life. . . i swear, i need help.

asoon said...

I love project runway too! Funnily enough, a good friend of mine who is a clothing designer hates it and never want to watch it.

Jeannette E. Spaghetti said...

That's cute! Unfortunately, I don't own even one cardigan; I have the worst wardrobe ever. To illustrate my dilemma, below are a few excerpts from a blog I posted back in October called 'Oh, Make Me Over.'

As a chic, my womanly supplies su-diddily-uck.

My makeup is old. I haven’t bought new eye shadow in a year and I’ve used the same blush since December 2004.

I have long hair. I always have. Yet I only know how to style it about four different ways. ‘Using a different barrette’ constitutes as one of those style variations.

I have a horrible wardrobe. I own a few select items that fit properly and thus, I wear them over and over again.


If you mix the above ingredients together, you will easily have a wardrobe crisis every time you're required to get dressed. And for me, that's daily.

franki durbin said...

that's actually a really cute idea. Why wasn't fashion this flexible before? I love this "anything goes" moment we are enjoying

asoon said...

Jeannette: gosh girl you are funny. You know...having clothing items that fit properly puts you 10 step ahead. Course, my favorite outfit of yours is your wedding dress w/ the orange hair. For real.

Franki: I agree with your "anything goes" observation! It's less taxing to update the wardrobe.

Kathy G said...

I have brooches that are probably older than you! I hope I can use them again this year.