Tuesday, August 12, 2008

grey and purple

I love the color grey. Purple, only on occasion. But I can't help but add this Banana Republic dress to my wishlist. It looks gorgeous and I can even pair it with a long sleeve shirt for winter.

Just a week ago Franki over at Life in a venti cup blogged about BR30 collection, and she is high fashion gal. So needless to say I was amazed (at both her and BR's fall collection).

I remember couple years back when BR and GAP had an identity crisis, BR's design was so casual, safari, and GAP-like that I promptly switched over to Jcrew's work wear. But BR has always fit me better, with their wide petite selection. I'm glad they are back. Time to start saving for fall.


KBO said...

Super hot dress. Too bad I'm too broke to shop, nor do I have any reason too. Maybe I'll wear the purple dress I already have.

Jeannette E. Spaghetti said...


Rebecca said...

i love the grey shoes with the purple dress. and the scarf rocks my world.