Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring cleaning

I got bitten by the spring cleaning bug early this year, and compounded by the fact that I was really having shoes-overload problems.

So off to Target I went to get some shoe organizers and happened to stumble upon the Orla Kiely for Target kitchen hooks which I promptly picked up as well.

In order to add some sort of a hanging storage, I jammed the kitchen hooks in between the two piece of wood when I was assembling the shoe organizer.

The kitchen hooks worked out perfect for my belts, hat and light canvas bags. And I must say I am 99% please with the end result!

My only advice would be to not buy the shoe organizer from Target, but rather, go scour it somewhere else like Lowes or Home Depot. With the one I got, the "cubby holes" are small and they barely fit my 6.5 size shoes. If you have larger feet then the shoes may not fit in the cubby.


Rebecca said...

ooooh, i want more photos of your closet. i bet it's fabulous.

asoon said...

the "closet" is actually a nursery-sized room, since we don't have kids I've taken over it completely to store my stuff.

you know how it is with older houses: lack of closet space.

The other half of the room is actually quite messy. I'm on a mission to figure out how to store my jewelries next, maybe once it is done I will post more pics ;)

Rebecca said...

We've done the same thing in our place--- using the nursery for our closet. (But I have to share it with Jeff; I'm jealous if you get it all to yourself!)

It's funny though, cause I'm not even sure how that room would even be a nursery, or anything other than a closet--- there's not one electrical outlet in the room. So strange.

Elaine said...

oh gosh, your closet looks sooo neat! i really miss target and all the DIY stuff ...

miss ya!!

Manuela N. Harper said...

Amazing post on spring cleaning. I always follow your blog.

Thank you