Monday, February 4, 2008

dim sum

This Thursday Feb 7th is Chinese New Year. This big celebration day for me means making my annual dim sum trip to LuLu seafood restaurant on Olive St.

The boy and I are planning on going this Saturday A.M. Do come join us. In the past we've had much fun at Dim Sum with Kat, Jes and other STL bloggers, so if you have couple hours to spare on Saturday morning please come feast with us. Dim Sum works really well if there is a big group of people.

Here are the details:

Lu Lu Seafood Restaurant
8224 Olive Blvd., University City, 997-3108

Date and Time
Saturday February 9 at 11am

Please let me know if you're interested by leaving a comment, the boy and I are going regardless.


playswithyarn said...

if i agree to come, will you promise not to break your foot again? or is the only way white people can get a table on the top floor is if they have an asian friend with a broken foot?

asoon said...

HAHAHAHAHA Kat I did forget that they put non "yellow" people downstairs! That makes me think of Ko. Oh that was hilarious.

Yes I promise I won't break my foot!

Mutha Mae said...

Can we meet up afterwards in the area? Maybe at the bakery? We have to go to Wei Hong down the street, as it is more a child friendly space.

asoon said...

Mae: yes definitely, which Wei Hong do you go to? S. Grand or Olive?

playswithyarn said...

Lulu's is child friendly-- even more so in the white people basement.

and there will be plenty of hands to hold babies. or to help contain 4 year-olds.

Rebecca said...

I'd love to come join. . . so why does everyone have to make plans all on the same day/time? I'm meeting up with my old grad school clique Saturday at noon. . . bummer.

asoon said...

aw darn Rebecca, would love to have you join us.

Melissa said...

I SO missed dim sum! I had to work. Thanks for the invite!